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As you likely guessed from the name, the RebelRebel Podcast is a show about rebels. It's not only about business, but the people who go against the grain and choose to live life on their terms. They're rebels.

Rebels have their own rules and code. Sometimes they've known all along they're different, other times they stumble upon it. Regardless, they either march to their own drummer, build a drum, or hire an entire drum core. Whatever they do, it's different than the norm and their stories are worth hearing.

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Sep 10, 2018

Jason Crawford and Brian Moore of recording label Infinite Elements dropped by Kensington Studio to talk about music, their first anniversary, favourite people, preferred venues, and even drop a few tracks from THA FAX's first album "Twisted Mirrors".

Jason talks about being the challenges and opportunities of being a legally blind performing artist, as well as possible cures for his condition, "Retinus Pigmentosa". Then of course we hit the heavy topics of DC vs Marvel and where to get the best burger in Calgary.

Infinite Elements
Vivid North
Rebecca Dawn
Northern Touch Music Festival
Dragon Fli Empire
Retinus Pigmentaosa
VIDEO: DJ Falls Through Stage
Fitzsimmons Brewery
Loose Moose Theatre
Hip Hop Evolution
The Get Down
Inglewood Burgers
HiFi Club
Mikey's on 12th
Beer, Bacon, and Boobs
Ghost Iron Studios