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As you likely guessed from the name, the RebelRebel Podcast is a show about rebels. It's not only about business, but the people who go against the grain and choose to live life on their terms. They're rebels.

Rebels have their own rules and code. Sometimes they've known all along they're different, other times they stumble upon it. Regardless, they either march to their own drummer, build a drum, or hire an entire drum core. Whatever they do, it's different than the norm and their stories are worth hearing.

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Jan 21, 2019

Trevor Dech is the Chief Instructor of Too Cool Motorcycle School and has spent his career teaching people not just to ride, and ride safely, but also how to recharge their smile.

We talk about motorcycle riding, teaching, taking course, high-performance riding, motorcycle racing, motorcycle tours, and why it's important to take time to breathe and enjoy life. And life on two wheels is just so damn good.

Too Cool Motorcycle School
Yamaha Champions School
Freddie Spencer High Performance Riding
California Super Bike School with Keith Code
Rich Oliver Mystery School
Colin Edwards Boot Camp
Reg Pridmore Class School
Fast Riding School Michel Mercier
Jim Hyde - Rawhyde Adventures
Walt Healy
Rider’s Retreat Nakusp
Calgary Motorcycle Show
Hi Chew Motorcycle Snacks
Long Way Round

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