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As you likely guessed from the name, the RebelRebel Podcast is a show about rebels. It's not only about business, but the people who go against the grain and choose to live life on their terms. They're rebels.

Rebels have their own rules and code. Sometimes they've known all along they're different, other times they stumble upon it. Regardless, they either march to their own drummer, build a drum, or hire an entire drum core. Whatever they do, it's different than the norm and their stories are worth hearing.

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Feb 11, 2019

Andrea Sereda started off by insisting she isn't a rebel but by the end of this episode it's really clear she is not just a rebel, but a unicorn rebel. From helping people achieve sustainable weight management, to performing on Broadway: What can't she do?

She lost 140 pounds, kept it off, and started a business to help others do the same. She has her Masters in Social Work, is a professional sign-language interpreter for theatre, attended Juilliard, and performed on Broadway. She's a rebel to her very core.

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