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As you likely guessed from the name, the RebelRebel Podcast is a show about rebels. It's not only about business, but the people who go against the grain and choose to live life on their terms. They're rebels.

Rebels have their own rules and code. Sometimes they've known all along they're different, other times they stumble upon it. Regardless, they either march to their own drummer, build a drum, or hire an entire drum core. Whatever they do, it's different than the norm and their stories are worth hearing.

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Feb 14, 2019

The passion, curiosity, creativity, and humility of Spencer Estabrooks is mind-bending on a scale only jerk robots could ever understand. Spencer is a filmmaker, director, writer, producer, a-swinger-of-maces, all 'round great guy, and who taught us there are no safe words in Orcish.

We talk about Sharkasaurus, Kaiju, Bears, Dungeons and Dragons, funding films, how to get the most out of a KETO DIET, the importance of beer, and why ROBOTS ARE JERKS—oh and Zombie Western is an amazing film genre!

Graphic Novel: Sharkasaurus
Short Film: Sharkasaurus
Paleontology World: Concavenator
Short Film: The Hunt
Spencer Estabrooks IMDB
One Hit Die
The Fantasy Network
Bleeding Arts Industries
Documentary: Aleberta
Independent Production Fund
Alberta Foundation of the Arts
Telus Storyhive Grants

RebelRebel Theme Song by EMRE CORDS
Photography by: BEN LAIRD